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According to the customer relations Michael Kors Outlet Online office of Michael Kors, an authentic canvas handbag costs between $750 and $4,800. Make a fashion statement by keeping your handbag clean, which also preserves it. Then your bag retains its value and lasts for many years. Select a smooth surface to prepare your bag for cleaning.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Care for and Repair a Michael Kors HandbagHow to Clean and Care for a Michael Kors BagThings You'll NeedSmooth, flat surface (table top, desk, vanity or kitchen counter top)Clean white beach towel5 Soft white clothsBaby wipesWaterLeather LotionCotton swabsNickel cleanerFlannel polishing clothsSpongePlastic gloves (optional)Plastic sheeting (optional)Suede cleaner (optional)Sponge (optional)Show MoreInstructions 1Cover smooth, flat surface with two layers of towel to absorb drips. A sheet of plastic between the layers also is an option to protect the surface finish from moisture, debris and cleaning solutions.2Empty your handbag. Remove personal items from inner and outer storage compartments, zippered partitions and buttoned pockets. Hold bag upside down over the covered surface. Gently shake the handbag to remove loose particles and debris. Set contents aside.3Put one hand inside your handbag. Use your palm to support canvas, which will help maintain shape. With your other hand gently wipe the canvas with a dry cloth, which loosens dirt. Wipe with a moist baby towelette to remove traces of cosmetics and natural oils.4Wipe bag with a damp cloth to rinse. Dry with a fresh cloth.5Care for leather trim, such as shoulder straps, carrying handles and tassels. The House of Vuitton recommends using light pressure to wipe with a dry cloth. Another option is to dip the tip of a dry cloth in leather lotion. Apply to each section in small circular motions. Repeat as needed to remove stains and maintain color consistency.6Wipe trim dry with fresh cloth.7Shine brass and metallic finishes, such as nameplates, key rings, chains, locks, studs, buttons, zippers and snaps. Vuitton recommends removing smudges with nickel cleaner and cotton swabs. Polish with a flannel cloth, which adds luster to hardware and protects custom finishes.8Clean the inner lining, which is made of canvas, fabric or suede. Step two provides instructions to clean canvas. "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook" suggests renewing suede with suede cleaner and a sponge. Follow manufacturer's instructions to clean fine fabrics, such as silk.9Air dry the lining until it is dry to the touch. For resistant stains, such as hand lotion, lipstick and ink, contact Michael Kors for care instructions.Tips & WarningsWear gloves to protect trim from natural oils. This also will protect your hands.Leather lotion will darken leather; however, Michael Kors Outlet will lighten when dry.